Wednesday, 4 February 2015

KAFKA: Have you signed the Petition yet? It is to keep our local health and care open, and in public hands

KAFKA: Have you signed the Petition yet? It is to keep our local health and care open, and in public hands

Have you signed the Petition yet? It is to keep our local health and care open, and in public hands

In agreement with the current petition to keep our local health and social care services. We need to look after those who have worked all their lives and have paid into the Welfare State.

Yet Cheshire East Council seems to be determinedly closing those Day, Respite and Assessment facilities on which we rely, and over which the council has a legal 'duty of care'.

Coupled with that East Cheshire NHS Trust, having closed our Knutsford Tatton Intermediate Care Ward (18 beds - very well thought of) four  years ago, has been so overcrowded in its Macclesfield Hospital Langley Ward, that it has taken a range of Intermediate Care beds in what might otherwise be respite bed spaces, at Hollins View, (15 beds) and Prestbury House and Belong Village, Macclesfield. That further reduces the number of full time and/or respite beds available to family carers.

With the advent of Caring Together within Eastern Cheshire, and the government awarded 'Pioneer' status across the whole of Cheshire, this is the ideal time to get our services together and working for the good of the public whose money paid for these mangled services. That is the stated aim of both Caring Together and the Pioneer status.

So let us give it our backing. Get the signatures coming in, to support the CCGs to provide services which the caring public actually needs, rather than acting in response to the direction of spin of the political football.

But it is really important that this happens before every local useful supportive caring service has been sent to commercial organisations - or charities - leaving us all as beggars, within a system for which we have paid.

We must provide adequate day care and respite care so that our family carers are not too overburdened, leaving them with no life at all of their own. That will help to keep the disabled, ill and old at home, where they belong. Respite must come in the form of safe and good quality overnight and 24 hour care, as a right.

Family Carers need rights! Not charity or lack of certainty.

If family carers are turned into beggars, they will lose heart and far more readily give up their work, leaving the system which is already creaking at the seams, to finally collapse. It must not come to that.

We do not have anywhere near enough full time care or nursing placements in this area. Our day and respite care places are currently being decimated as a deliberate act, by Cheshire East Council. No commercial enterprise would have the same 'duty of care' as that of the Local Authority. 

So we must ensure that the Local Authority retains that 'duty of care', rather than allowing it to be frittered away as it shuts down our social care places. 

No commercial enterprise is obliged to provide 24 hour care, nor day care. It is far cheaper for them to concentrate only on full time care. Family carers need day and respite care.

Please sign the petition and encourage others to also sign. Pass it round and ask that everyone else also passes it round.

The National Health Service is by its name - National. The Local Authority social care is also a part of our National care network. Therefore anyone, anywhere in the UK can sign this petition. I urge you to do so.. and pass it round. 

Print it off yourself and return it to the address shown by 
23 April 2015.. which is St George's Day

Monday, 21 May 2012

Serfs!? Threaten then!

Re Cllr George Walton - Knutsford Resident, Mayor of Cheshire East vs Woman Pensioner and Family Carer

From: Charlotte Peters Rock - 0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417 -
To: Press sources
Attachments: 2 - Please note the content of my public speaking is available on YouTube - at the links shown in the email to George Walton (17May2012) - as also is the poem which was especially written for the Mayor.
Newly enrobed Cheshire East Mayor sets bouncers on pensioner during Question Time

    Cllr George Walton, newly enrobed Mayor of Cheshire East, called in his bouncers to prevent further objections about his Council’s treatment of the  ill, frail and demented older people.

    He issued instructions to the two burly ex-police officers to slience Mrs Charlotte Peters Rock of Knutsford Area for Knutsford Action, as she spoke in the Tenant’s Hall of Tatton Park on Wednesday 16 May 2012.

    Mrs Peters Rock says:

    “It is bad enough that the disabled and demented and their family carers are being treated so badly, as the deliberate policy of Cheshire East Council, but closing down the concerns of residents in this threatening manner, smacks of totalitarian states. Is this really the policy of this Council?”

    Mrs Peters Rock had chosen the medium of song to serenade the Council, pointing out to the new Mayor that at his age (70s) he needed to ensure that local services are in place if only as enlightened self-interest.

    “I had checked the Council Constitution, to make sure I could do this. I felt that for once ruling party Councillors might listen, since I have seen that normally they take little notice of what is said  by members of the public. It certainly worked. They listened.

   " In spite of my being surrounded by the Mayor's bouncers, I sang to the end of the song. Councillors of all parties applauded.

    "Perhaps now Cheshire East will reconsider its treatment of the frail, ill demented, disabled and their family carers? We need fully accessible local services. Family carers save this Council – by its  own admission – in excess of £500 million per year. Surely it is time for the Council to applaud and support family carers, who save the public so much money?”

Following her mistreatment, Mrs Peters Rock wrote a poem especially for the Mayor.

    Mrs Peters Rock has demanded a full public apology from Cllr Walton. Failing that, she says she will make a formal complaint to Cheshire East's Standards Committee.


Strategic Director for Adult Services in charge of waste transfer? Really?

Bexton Court and The Tatton Ward now need a full - unthreatened - Public Consultation.

So many lies have been told by Senior officers and Portfolio Holders, that it is time now to sweep the rubbish clean - get on with some sacking -  and begin again.

As a first move, it is interesting to note that The Congleton Chronicle has announced (10May2012) under the heading:

"Labour on the attack over council's refuse strategy" 

Councillor John Hammond, chairman of Cheshire East's Audit and Governance Committee - speaking of the councils's waste transfer station at Lyme Green -  informs us:

"In our chief executive's absence, Lorraine Butcher, the council's strategic director of children, families and adults, is leading on this matter."

It is not made clear in that article, what qualification Ms Butcher has for that 'refuse transfer' role.. but - from her 'successes' in the removal of of the old and disabled from their local areas via what is known as 'transportation', I fear the worst. Is there some big dump in Cheshire East where the old folk are put? I think we should be told.

In a helpful explanation the article ends with the statement: 

"A transfer station is a processing site where bin lorries deposit their cargo prior to it being loaded into larger vehicles, which transport  the waste to an incinerator or landfill."

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Public Meeting - 2.30 - Saturday 31 March 2012 - All welcome

Public Meeting this Saturday:  "Do the Elderly and Disabled NEED Local Care?"
Venue:  Brook Street Chapel School Room, Adams Hill, Knutsford. WA16 8DY
Date/time: 2.30 - Saturday 31 March 2012 - arrive and leave as it suits you - there is no limit on who can come.  
Everybody is welcome.
Dear Friends and Organisations,
Please pass this email and the attached poster around everyone on your mailing list. Feel free to print both, hand them to friends and put them in public places. 
I would be grateful for your help 
We are aware that to the 6507 people who signed the recent Petition have an interest in  ' Local Care for Local People to take place in Local Areas '.
The question now is how can we achieve that Local Care?
The decision made by Cheshire East Cabinet, that Bexton Court should be permanently closed, was only the tip of the iceberg of public closures in this area. Eight Councillors have 'called in ' that decision, which will now be discussed at the Adult Services Scrutiny Committee at
09.30 on Friday 13 April 2012. Perhaps if you have time, you might like to attend? There is time for Public Questions. It will be at Westfields, Sandbach. There is parking. Members of the public are entitled to attend. 
Public Meeting this Saturday:  "Do the Elderly and Disabled NEED Local Care?"
Venue:  Brook Street Chapel School Room, Adams Hill, Knutsford. WA16 8DY
Date/time: 2.30 - Saturday 31 March 2012 - arrive and leave as it suits you - there is no limit on who can come.  
Everybody is welcome.
The intention is that this Public Meeting will be the start of many more, which will move across the former county of Cheshire, to pick up and promote the best ideas for care of the elderly and disabled.
There will be display boards showing what we have lost  in this Northern area of Cheshire East, and what is currently happening.. and the opportunity to talk, plan and influence affairs, for the benefit of all
 We want your ideas to work with. Your input is the most valuable tool to move forward into what might be known as, "The Age of Experience"
( For instance, Knutsford has a projected 10-year rise of 18% in older people between 2007-2017 , with a general population which is falling. )
 In old age, do we want to be treated as unwanted parcels - or as
long-lived people with a great deal of life experience, which we are determined to put back into the community, to its benefit and ours?
In a joint move, Knutsford Area For Knutsford Action and Cheshire Area for Cheshire Action has called a public meeting this coming Saturday afternoon to discuss the impact of the complete removal of public services for the elderly and their family carers from Knutsford. This includes all Public Day and Respite Care and Rehabilitation Hospital Ward Care. Similar problems are also arising across the area. 
During a time of rapidly rising population ageing, what sort of care are we willing to find acceptable?
Is it adequate that any Day or Respite Care takes place many miles away from the towns in which we live?
Are we happy  - because of distance and difficulties caused by the lack of public transport - not to be able to oversee that the care received is good, suitable, and caring?
With a rapidly aging population, many of whom are likely to show signs of dementia (1 in 4 over the age of 85)  and other ills, what are our expectations for ourselves and our loved ones as we age?
Is it a good idea to remove the most vulnerable people from a community in which they and their needs are known, to care which takes place, where they are not known, and where local people are totally unaware of their needs and difficulties? 
 Many people who have problems with dementia do not have Alzheimer's but the less discussed Vascular Dementia. This is a form of dementia which, allowing for a sense of purpose, can readily be helped, by  'familiarity of surroundings and people', by social understanding and by the continuing determination and work of the person who has it. That allows for free will and is helped by the understanding of the local community for its own people. If we could just make more sociable arrangements for our older population, the early support, of healthy people would also help to support those who are in failing mental and physical health. We all need friends. 
It is stated that one obvious difference between those who suffer from Alzheimer's and those who suffer from Vascular Dementia, is that if something has been forgotten - a name or a place, or a set of keys - and the person with Vascular Dementia is just encouraged to remember but not given the answer, in a short time of brain searching, they usually can remember. With Alzheimers, the result is - sadly - not the same.. but perhaps if the brain can be kept active, the quality of life  could be so much improved . Memories and songs and community help all people. Dividing the old from their intergenerational communities seems to be a retrograde step. So why should we put up with it?
Day and Respite Care in distant places, removes both productive challenges and freedom of will, no matter how kind or caring is the treatment Moving already confused people across the county, by the day, for their care is counterproductive to their welfare and to that of their Family Carers.
 It might be hoped that, following a long and productive old age, we might all just die quietly in our sleep, having had a really good day before going to bed.
As a matter of enlightened self-interest, what can we now do to help ourselves?
Will you please come -and encourage others to come - to the public meeting? There will not be speakers. The format is just display boards and the will to gather information from all comers, about what you would like, and possibly how it can be achieved.
We also need to hear/read about experiences good and bad.
Perhaps, if we can find a way forward, that would help us all?
Thanks for reading. Please come if you can. Spend just a few minutes - or longer - to see if we can change our future for the better. 
Charlotte Peters Rock
Knutsford Area For Knutsford Action -
Cheshire Area for Cheshire Action -
0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417

Thursday, 22 December 2011

What will Cheshire East do now?

The final Petition held signatures of 6507 people. It was presented to Cllr Roger West, Mayor of Cheshire East on Thursday 15 December 2011, at Congleton Town Hall. During the subsequent Full Council Meeting, as an explanation of the Petition was being given, the Mayor thought it good practice to heckle, within the allowed five minute slot. In doing that, he was effectively heckling the opinions of many Cheshire East Council taxpayers.

They signed to say:

S – O – S  - Save our Stanley Centre

We the undersigned

Petition Cheshire East Council & East Cheshire Hospital Trust:




Keep OUR Stanley Centre for Disabled Adults
Return OUR Dementia Care Services
Return OUR Intermediate Hospital Ward
KAFKA Office, Holly House, Middlewich  Rd, Allostock, Knutsford WA16 9JX
PLACE of collection
NUMBER collected
Holmes Chapel
Lower Peover
Over Peover
Plus Stanley Centre Petition
   217  = 6507
Place names above refer to the places where the signatures were collected. There is an even split between Knutsford and the rest of Cheshire East and its borders, with 59 collected online.
Numbers above refer to signatures collected by Carers and other volunteers, across Cheshire East during the period
14 October 2011- 14 December 2011

They were collected from:

the Knutsford area - in excess of 3000
from towns and villages across Cheshire East and on its borders - in excess of 3000

from a Service user and his family - 217 signatures in respect of The Stanley Centre alone

This three part petition seems to have had the effect that Cheshire East has no idea what to do with it.

This is not a new Council. It is only following on from our historic Cheshire County Council, using the remnants of that body's web site, and that body's officers.

The petition clearly shows that many people refuse to accept that the vulnerable should be shunted about. So why did Cheshire East get it so wrong - and where is our democracy?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Online Petition to: Keep OUR Services Local

YOU can now sign our petition online.

Please encourage anyone local to Knutsford Area/Cheshire East
to sign this Petition to:
S - O - S - Save Our Stanley Centre
We, the undersigned
Petition Cheshire East Council and East Cheshire Hospital Trust:
Keep OUR Stanley Centre for Disabled Adults
Return OUR Dementia Care Services
Return OUR Intermediate Hospital Ward

Knutsford Town Council Health and Social Care Work Group will be Reporting on its work at Knutsford Town Council Meeting on 05 December 2011 at 7pm. This meeting welcomes the public. It has two Question Times for Members of the Public - 10 minutes at the start and 5 minutes at the end..
This is your Democracy. Do turn up and take part.


The Petition now has in excess of 3000 signatures. It looks likely that he final figure - when all forms are gathered in, will be 4000+
It will be presented to
Cheshire East Full Council Meeting
2pm - 15 December 2011
Congleton Town Hall
KAFKA would very much welcome all members of the public who wish to show support at this meeting
To check that here is no alteration to the Date-Time-Venue perhaps you might ring:

Cheshire East Information: 0300 123 5500

We state this because several Committee Meetings including the 05 December Cabinet Committee meeting have already been cancelled during December

Congleton if we live in Crewe? Crewe if we live in Knutsford?
Macclesfield if we live in Nantwich?

Day Care NEEDS to be LOCAL

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Beanfeast of Councillors on our Council Tax

14 November 2011
This 'special meeting was to 'make Aldermen'. Seven of them - having given service to the pubic were 'honoured' by being 'damned with faint praise', at The Lyceum Theatre in Crewe.

Acting on the Lyceum stage, was dire. There were seven people, who might well have been a credt to thir community, but it would have been difficult for any member of the public to tell. Luckily, there were only two members of the public witnessing these proceedings. which I understand were held at public expense, with full expenses paid to all councillors.

The fact that this 'beanfeast' occurred when adults with learning difficulties are being flunng from their safe Stanley Centre in Knutsford, does Cheshire East Council no credit at all.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Knutsford Update

Please read the pages listed at the right side of this blog.

Postings will now be updates on our campaign.

Numerous shops and businesses around Knutsford - listed below - have petitions for the public to sign (just once please)
Co op
Mannings chemist
Knutsford art and stationery house
Oxfam - staff only
Jax hair salon
Waitrose - staff only
Knutsford Dry Cleaners
Olde Sweete Shoppe
Bellissimo Frame Shop
Menudel Giorna
Hallmark Card Shop
No 89 Cake & Coffee Shop
Terence Paul Hairdressing
Rose & Crown Pub
Housegifts and Interiors
Cherry Tree
Cheshire Building Society - staff only
Knutsford Bloom
The Black Rose
Auto Den
The Shell Garage
Mr Chips
Esso Garage, Toft

Heritage Centre
Sue Ryder
Edwards Electric Shop
Café on the Corner
The Angel pub

Mr Edwin Booth of Booths Store has also agreed.

There are many other groups and businesses around Knutsford which have also taken Petitions.

Signatures are coming thick and fast at The Shell Garage, the  Co-op, and Mannings Chemist, with a steady flow in other areas.

We are getting about very regularly to Cheshire East Committees and full Council Meetings, to ask questions and point out that local people need local services.

We are attending PCT Cluster Meetings to ask questions.

We are stating that there should be cross-border working, both across the County Borders and across the artificial boundaries between social care and health.

More will follow.