Cheshire East, Adult Services, Portfolio Holder

Cheshire East Council Portfolio Holder, Adult Services, Cllr Roland Domleo states that The Stanley Centre, Bexton Road, Knutsford has a doubtful future.

Taking exception to a well researched and accurate article

Osborne's cuts start to bite among his constituents

written by  Associate Editor of The Independent, Mr Paul Vallely, Cllr Domleo struck back.

In what appears to be a press release, he seems to have informed The Congleton Chronicle that:

"There is much misinformation in the air at the moment. I want to put the record straight. The facts speak for themselves."

It is following this initial statement by Cllr Domleo that the piece seems to stray into its own misinformation.

Cllr Domleo continues with: "The number of people using The Stanley Centre has dropped from 46 last year to 37 this year. in the last 12 months there have not been any new customers at the centre."

During a visit to The Stanley Centre, with Care4ce Service Manager, Mr Peter Kellaher, on 11 October 2011, (08.30 before any services users were due) this author established that there are in fact 50 people on the Register at the Stanley Centre. Unfortunately the current staffing levels mean that no more than 40 people are able to use The Stanley Centre each day.

Of that potential, 40 people, there are currently - as Cllr Domleo agrees - 37 or 38 people who attend each day.

Allowing for the fact that service users at The Stanley Centre have a range of ills, including Downs, Epilepsy, Autism, - and allowing for the current removal of some of their social care transport by Cheshire East Council - that must surely rank as close to 100% uptake? Yet Cllr Domleo persists in quoting his 58% figure.

Perhaps Cllr Domleo might like to contact this blog to state why?

Later in the same article, Cllr Domleo states: "The Stanley Centre is an unsuitable building - the two top floors are empty and decaying rapidly."

The Stanley Centre - one storey, dining hall

The Stanley Centre - rear view of main building - ground floor and dormer first floor

The Stanley Centre - front view - main building showing entrance area and first floor dormer windows

In fact, the Stanley Centre was purpose built only 25 years ago, as a Centre for disabled adults.

It would be difficult for its 'two top floors' to be 'decaying rapidly' since is does not have more than a first floor and a ground floor. . and the first floor is not in use by Stanley Centre service users, but by some other Cheshire East office department.. which might just as well be relocated elsewhere, leaving the space to its original purpose.

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