Cheshire East Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee Task and Finish Group

10 November 2011

Cllr Gordon Baxendale (Congleton West) Chairman of Cheshire East's (misnamed) Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, and close colleague of Portfolio Holder for Adult Services Cllr Roland Domelo (Congleton West)  has taken the proposed 'prioritising' of the Task and Finish Group, which was 'set up' during the previous meeting but has done nothing since - see below - and removed, all consideration of the Health and Wellbeing of both Service Users and their hard-pressed Carers, during this time of savage removal of social care and health services from Knutsford, from his Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee.

This begs the questions:

1. Who are these two Congleton Councillors, that they should remove the rights of the old and disabled, which are enshrined in both The European Convention on Human Rights, and numerous UK Disability Acts?

2. What is the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee for?

3. How much of council taxpayers' money is this Committee prepared to waste, whilst doing nothing to protect the health or the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in Cheshire East, the elderly frain anddemented and those adults who have learning disabilities?

All answers in the Comments section or on a postage stamp please.
05 October 2011
Cheshire East's Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, at its 05 October 2011 Meeting at Congleton Town Hall made the decision that it would form a

Task and Finish Group

to scrutinise the effect of the health and wellbeing of Carers, the mentally disabled and the old, of the current sweeping changes and proposed changes of service.

Perhaps you might like to give evidence to that group? If so, please contact - 01270 686 464

Otherwise Chairman Cllr Gordon Baxendale would perhaps be able to give advice about how to give evidence and when this group will meet and expect to complete its deliberations.