KAFKA - Statement of Intent

Knutsford Area For Knutsford Action

It covers - for now - the Kafakesque situation in which the old, ill and disabled find themselves, within the Knutsford Area. It takes into account those officials and councillors, who seem to believe that 'the people do not count'.

We are counting.

We are aware that many Councillors and many council employees - not necessarily at the top level - still have humanitarian feelings and actions - and pursue them. We ask that the whole range of people who work within Cheshire East, should be struck with  the same humanity.

Knutsford Area For Knutsford Action (KAFKA) is set up (Friday 14 October 2011) to aid those whom others wish to harm but who have a right under UK law to freedom and the pursuit of happiness - on their own terms. It also seeks to ensure that help will be available when individuals need it. No promise can be made, but the intent is as set out here.

KAFKA is NOT a charity. Nor does it intend to become one. It is merely a loose and impermanent grouping of people who need to change situations, for the good of all.

Of itself, it is open to change - but only for the betterment of its stated purpose.

KAFKA aims to promote the good of all.