Monday, 21 May 2012

Serfs!? Threaten then!

Re Cllr George Walton - Knutsford Resident, Mayor of Cheshire East vs Woman Pensioner and Family Carer

From: Charlotte Peters Rock - 0156 572 2738 - 07050 183 417 -
To: Press sources
Attachments: 2 - Please note the content of my public speaking is available on YouTube - at the links shown in the email to George Walton (17May2012) - as also is the poem which was especially written for the Mayor.
Newly enrobed Cheshire East Mayor sets bouncers on pensioner during Question Time

    Cllr George Walton, newly enrobed Mayor of Cheshire East, called in his bouncers to prevent further objections about his Council’s treatment of the  ill, frail and demented older people.

    He issued instructions to the two burly ex-police officers to slience Mrs Charlotte Peters Rock of Knutsford Area for Knutsford Action, as she spoke in the Tenant’s Hall of Tatton Park on Wednesday 16 May 2012.

    Mrs Peters Rock says:

    “It is bad enough that the disabled and demented and their family carers are being treated so badly, as the deliberate policy of Cheshire East Council, but closing down the concerns of residents in this threatening manner, smacks of totalitarian states. Is this really the policy of this Council?”

    Mrs Peters Rock had chosen the medium of song to serenade the Council, pointing out to the new Mayor that at his age (70s) he needed to ensure that local services are in place if only as enlightened self-interest.

    “I had checked the Council Constitution, to make sure I could do this. I felt that for once ruling party Councillors might listen, since I have seen that normally they take little notice of what is said  by members of the public. It certainly worked. They listened.

   " In spite of my being surrounded by the Mayor's bouncers, I sang to the end of the song. Councillors of all parties applauded.

    "Perhaps now Cheshire East will reconsider its treatment of the frail, ill demented, disabled and their family carers? We need fully accessible local services. Family carers save this Council – by its  own admission – in excess of £500 million per year. Surely it is time for the Council to applaud and support family carers, who save the public so much money?”

Following her mistreatment, Mrs Peters Rock wrote a poem especially for the Mayor.

    Mrs Peters Rock has demanded a full public apology from Cllr Walton. Failing that, she says she will make a formal complaint to Cheshire East's Standards Committee.


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