Monday, 21 May 2012

Strategic Director for Adult Services in charge of waste transfer? Really?

Bexton Court and The Tatton Ward now need a full - unthreatened - Public Consultation.

So many lies have been told by Senior officers and Portfolio Holders, that it is time now to sweep the rubbish clean - get on with some sacking -  and begin again.

As a first move, it is interesting to note that The Congleton Chronicle has announced (10May2012) under the heading:

"Labour on the attack over council's refuse strategy" 

Councillor John Hammond, chairman of Cheshire East's Audit and Governance Committee - speaking of the councils's waste transfer station at Lyme Green -  informs us:

"In our chief executive's absence, Lorraine Butcher, the council's strategic director of children, families and adults, is leading on this matter."

It is not made clear in that article, what qualification Ms Butcher has for that 'refuse transfer' role.. but - from her 'successes' in the removal of of the old and disabled from their local areas via what is known as 'transportation', I fear the worst. Is there some big dump in Cheshire East where the old folk are put? I think we should be told.

In a helpful explanation the article ends with the statement: 

"A transfer station is a processing site where bin lorries deposit their cargo prior to it being loaded into larger vehicles, which transport  the waste to an incinerator or landfill."

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